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Increase in "Zoo Poaching" sees the call for extra Security for Animals across sites in Europe

Mar 11 2017

After the tragic death of four year old rhinoceros Vince in one of Paris's best known zoos , we're seeing an increased demand for animal security across zoos throughout Europe.

Vince was shot and killed at Thoiry Zoo near Paris before having his horn sawn off by the disgraced and inhumane poachers who still are yet to be caught. Two other rhino at the zoo - Bruno and Gracie, were unharmed in the attack.

Humane Society International has now called on the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria to carry out an urgent review of Zoo security to protect endangered and vulnerable animals like Vince, fearing it could mark a new trend of killing animals in captivity.

Joanna Swabe, Executive Director of HSI Europe, said that poachers are becoming increasingly desperate as species such as rhino and elephant disappear from the wild, and their native countries clamp down on hunting.

Demand for the horn is still strong in countries such as Vietnam, where it's prized and used as an ingredient for traditional medicines.

A kilo of rhino horn fetched over £44,000 on the black market in 2015, according to Thoiry Zoo.

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